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Painting & Metalizing

Casco Bay Steel Structures, Inc. holds their AISC Certification for “Sophisticated Paint Endorsement – Enclosed”. We have state of the art blasting machinery, painting equipment and skilled staff to accommodate just about any size piece of fabricated steel. Most DOT’s specify a NEPCOAT approved paint system consisting of a 3 coat – Zinc, Epoxy & Urethane which is applied in our Paint Shops located at 2 of our 3 facilities in a controlled environment. Whether it be painted at the ends of weathering steel girders to protect the concrete bridge abutments and piers to a fully coated steel structure.

Numerous DOT’s are going with a Thermal Spray Coating commonly noted as Metalizing. Metalizing effectively increases the bridge life through this process of using an electric spray arc gun which produce a spray of molten zinc or zinc/aluminum alloy to the steel bridge girders and components. This provides a protective coating that resists corrosion. Our Wallace Avenue facility has a number of these electric spray guns along with a knowledgeable staff of applicators and inspectors.